Eidi Communications Welcomes New Client

Eidi Communications is proud to announce its newest client, zenruption.com — a website dedicated to creating edgy content that captures the disruptive changes in today’s world.

“In a rapidly changing media landscape, zenruption is a voice for the disruption of older and traditional institutions,” said zenruption co-founder Jerry Mooney. “We do things differently and, we believe, as a society we have to accept that modernization is not devastation and that’s the stuff we write about.”

Eidi Communications will work to bring more daily traffic to the site including sponsorship of specially tailored content. This new relationship also allows Eidi Communications to promote clients through featured posts on zenruption along various subjects with a commitment to consistent and responsive publishing.

zenruption’s broad swath of categories includes Business, Money, Sports, Tech and “zenspiration” for the inspirational stories that need covered.

“By launching a feature on inspirational storytelling, zenruption demonstrates a desire to make a difference by telling stories that move the reader in ways that prompt deeper thinking and positive changes,” said Eidi Communications founder Lila Eidi. “These types of stories can have a major impact in changing the way we see the world and in a positive way.”

On Aug. 1, zenruption added its newest category, zenrupteducation, where the important topic of education will be explored. This new feature provides space for promotional material and allows clients to use creative and alternative methods in telling their story.

zenruption is committed to publishing content in each category, every weekday, with a focus on delivering multiple articles in the business section due to its popularity.

Launched in 2016, zenruption’s message challenges legacy institutions to modernize, adapt or die. The online publication is distributed in most English-speaking countries around the world.

For more information, contact Jerry Mooney at Jerry(at)zenruption(dot)com.

About zenruption:

zenruption came out of a desire to help people like ourselves, the average person, navigate a world of complexity and zenrupt existing markets, political, economic and social structures to help modernize the world and remove legacy mindsets with older models. Zenruption is based out of Boise,…

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