Efficient planners for Traffic management

With the increasing number of road users, an efficient monitoring system ensuring the smooth operations of traffic rules is of utmost importance. The roads now-a-days are seen loaded with heavy vehicles which boasts up the chances of accidents. Therefore, VicRoads Pre-qualified planners  Melbourne have been developed in order to instruct Traffic management companies victoria about the rules and regulations. VicRoads has been an important name in transport system aiming to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to communities throughout Victoria by managing the Victorian arterial road network. VicRoads pre-qualified planners are structured into Groups of similar work types. Furthermore, each Group is bifurcated into Categories that may have Levels that define areas of expertise or proficiency. The scheme is an absolute necessity in a scenario where safety must be kept at topmost. The expensive employing of traffic management companies under VicRoads Pre-qualified planners is an essential step towards ensuring the road safety.


The nine groups according to pre-qualified planner are categorized as:

  • Environment
  • Pavement and Geotechnical Engineering
  • Maintenance and General Works
  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Road and Bridge Design
  • Traffic Management Services (Consultants)
  • Traffic Management Services (Contractors)
  • Transport Planning & Project Assessment
  • Other Professional Services

Every tier has defined eligibility criteria which must be regarded as and addressed by suppliers when submitting details for an application for pre-qualification. The traffic management companies considering the provisions of the VicRoads Pre-qualified planners can submit their applications onto the official website of the VicRoads. Vic Roads Pre-Qualified Companies have to abide by the conditions mentioned in the planner.  Also, VicRoads maintains a database of Vic Roads Pre-Qualified Companies that have met the requisite eligibility criteria for an exacting Category and Level of work. Also, the records include that traffic management companies have performed satisfactorily when carrying out works or services for VicRoads.

VicRoads Pre-qualified companies have to abide by all the clauses in the planner and are committed to provide a highly recommended traffic management services to the public. These companies make it a point that the traffic laws are being implemented in an effective and efficient manner. Pre-qualified Planners also come up with traffic…

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