Eduporium Teams Up with Museum of Science for Interactive Event

“We’re working with teachers to get them the kind of technology they need — technology like what you can find throughout the museum.” – Rick

Boston’s world-famous Museum of Science hosted a dinner Monday night to announce new plans for how they will enhance STEM learning for a broader audience as they begin renovating the famed 100,000 sq. ft. Blue Wing. Among the highlights of the Putting Your Tech Foot Forward event, were a distinguished panel of speakers, which included David Dockerman, Adrian Melia, and John Richards from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and an interactive Technology Petting Zoo hosted by Eduporium.

At this invite-only event, some of the museum’s top patrons, overseers, and brightest minds in the Boston area were treated to an insightful panel discussion on how technology can enhance STEM education and how the project in the Blue Wing will align with this effort. Right now, it’s imperative that children and people of all ages are able to leverage technology to think critically, assess problems, and truly learn how to learn.

Among the new exhibits in the Blue Wing will be what the museum refers to as “Tech And You,” and “Tech Studio,” both of which are designed to bring museum goers closer to technology. During the transformation over the next 10 years, these new spaces will serve as digitally immersive environments that transport people into a new world using mixed reality. They are going to use technology to create iterative learning within the museum, a place where the project’s leaders believe parents and children should be able to experience innovation and grow together.

Members of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education were also on hand and discussed how the jobs that kids will be entering are increasingly volatile due to the constantly changing abilities of technology and how the upgrades to the Blue Wing will hopefully inspire everyone to chase learning that’s both more personal and more powerful. Tools like virtual reality will allow both the Museum of Science and educators in classrooms to bring the outside in for their students.

In the new Blue Wing, there will be opportunities for immersion like many people have never seen. As this shift gains steam, the same kind of transition…

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