Edsby Platform for K-12 Adds a Half Million More School District Users

We were looking for a way to engage all teachers, students, and parents in the learning and assessment process. We believe that Edsby will do this for us.

Edsby®, the most comprehensive learning and analytics platform available for K-12, has added nearly a half million new paid school district users. The new users come courtesy of new district-wide implementations of Edsby at districts such as:

  • Algoma District School Board
  • Nippissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board
  • Rainy River District School Board
  • Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools
  • Superior-Greenstone District School Board
  • York Region District School Board

In total, these district-wide Edsby rollouts represent 161,900 students, 24,300 staff and 259,000 parent accounts, for a total of 445,200 new users.

“We had been looking for a platform to do more than simply display a grade at any given reporting period,” said Dr. David F. Khatib, associate superintendent of inclusive learning, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, a district of 9,000 students. “Rather, we were looking for a way to engage all teachers, students, and parents in the learning and assessment process. We believe that Edsby will do this for us.”

Unlike other learning management systems, all Edsby implementations are paid for by school districts. Edsby pursues no premium monetization of free accounts, nor is there any mechanism for individual teachers, students or parents to register their own accounts. All Edsby implementations are managed at the district level, driven by tight synchronization to a district’s or region’s existing identity management and other systems.

“Many school districts are now recognizing the benefits of district-managed enterprise learning and analytics platforms like Edsby,” said Edsby President John Myers. “Individual point solutions adopted by teachers expose K-12 districts to privacy and security risks and are hard to control centrally. In a single, secure app, Edsby enables a region’s teachers to ‘fly in formation’ and assess and report on student progress the same way, which gives all students in the area the same opportunities for success.”

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