EdBooks Launches $19 Media Textbook Solutions

Students taking general education courses should have premium learning content for less than $20.

EdBooks announced the launch of its revolutionary new library of $19 mediabooks today. Featuring engaging learning design and the company’s innovative Stackable Lessons™ technology, the new products are part of EdBooks’ catalog of high-quality, affordable solutions for the higher education market. EdBooks content can serve as comprehensive textbook replacements or as complete frameworks of online and hybrid courses.

Dr. Rob Reynolds, EdBooks CEO, explained that the company’s mission is to make education affordable by creating engaging, low-cost products for the general education curriculum. “We believe that students taking general education courses should have premium learning content available on any device for less than $20,” Reynolds said. “Students should also retain access to their content for life and receive both digital and printable versions of their materials, at no extra cost.”

Reynolds added that each mediabook incorporates key literacies and competencies to promote both personal and professional flourishing. “An important part of providing quality learning materials is making sure that they help students develop the skills they need for long-term success,” he said.

EdBooks founder and Managing Director Vance Fried, Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University, stressed the importance of flexibility in EdBooks product design. “The flexibility enabled by our Stackable Lessons™ technology makes our products ideal for faculty and institutions. Because we build each lesson as a stand-alone learning environment, individual lessons in any course can be reordered or combined with lessons from another course without sacrificing learning coherence or efficacy.”

Fried added that, over the coming year, he sees the EdBooks catalog as a unique curriculum solution for institutions wanting to lower costs to students. “We deliver premium products and services at a single low price. That simple business model plus our unique product flexibility and support for institutional learning objectives should generate strong interest at the curriculum licensing level.”

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