eClincher Announces Auto Post Enhancement

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eClincher, a social media management tool, announces new features to enhance Auto Post with queues. A queue is a collection of posts that users can set up in advance to automate their social media publishing process. Users can use an Excel spreadsheet/CSV file to quickly upload a list of posts to fill up their queues and then turn on the Auto Post feature. Users can then sit back and relax while their social media publishing is on autopilot.

With the new features, eClincher’s Auto Post queue gives users three queue settings to choose from: a recycle queue, in which the content of the queue is recycled until the user stops it; a one-time queue, in which the queue’s content is published once and then removed from the queue; and an end-date queue, in which the content of the queue is recycled until a specified end date. These three options allow users to customize queues to their specific marketing needs.

eClincher’s new options are couched in an intuitive interface that offers several convenient features, including the ability to do the following:

  • Select the “Guide Me” button to get five easy step-by-step instructions for using the Auto Post queue
  • Label each queue
  • Choose to add each post separately or upload in bulk via an Excel spreadsheet/CSV file
  • Set schedule for one day of posting and copy that schedule to all other days
  • Create and manage multiple queues and set queue type
  • Choose from multiple social media networks
  • Set the queues to publish automatically to all social media networks

Auto Post queues eliminate the need to schedule posts to social media on a daily basis, allowing social media marketers to save hours of work. For example, a typical marketing campaign for a new…

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