EC-Council Foundation Host World Finals for Global Cyberlympics in The Hague, Netherlands during The Hague Security Delta’s Cyber Security Week

Global CyberLympics is an online ethical hacking, computer network defense game, dedicated to finding the top computer network defense teams.

The competition this year was at the highest level we’ve ever seen due to the relevance of the challenges such as credit card cloning and cryptocurrency mining. The whole event had such amazing energy since it was in the middle of Cyber Security Week here in The Hague.

Twelve of the world’s finest hacking teams competed for glory at the Global CyberLympics World Finals on September 27th in The Hague, Netherlands during Cyber Security Week. The Finals, sponsored by Deloitte Netherlands, The Hague Security Delta, and the Municipality of The Hague, are a competition among the first and second place teams from each region of the globe. Only these teams were invited to compete live at the World Finals for a chance at cash prizes, trophies, but more importantly, the title of “World Champions.”

The competition was held during The Hague Security Delta’s Cyber Security Week among a schedule full of opportunities for cyber security enthusiasts of all levels. The conference saw talks dedicated to “Access to Talent” with an eye toward developing the next generation of security experts, the world of cyber security startups with talks about understanding the Dutch security market, coaching on how to pitch investors, and several networking receptions.

This year’s Cyberlympics started off with some new twists. The Games kicked off with the teams each receiving a mysterious black box. Unlocking that box was the only way the players could gain access to the network to begin the next series of challenges. Part of the subsequent challenges included mining for cryptocurrency. The team that mined the most won the most points for that round. Teams were given extra points for cloning a credit card so that their cloned card read the same digits as an original credit card.

Throughout the day, teams were busy solving challenges on the game network that ranged in skill levels and disciplines. Some challenges were based on computer forensics, while others focused on pen testing, hacking, and problem solving. The unifying theme of all the challenges was the requirement…

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