Eat tasty Cavendish bananas for maintaining your health

Nowadays people are turning as more fitness freaks from earlier so they maintain their health to remain fit and in shape. All are ready to take every possible step for better health and reduced weight. People are stepping forward to consume fruits. It is a choice of millions that the best option to get good physique and well being one need to switch on to fruits rather than unhealthy habits. Some unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, eating junk food or processed food in which the nutritious value is very minimal. Eating Fruits have numerous profits like lots of minerals and vitamins becoming helping aid to curb all the diseases. When the fruits are called our mind strikes list of various fruits but, the most loved fruit among all is banana.

A banana has abundant advantages like they provide calcium, vitamins, minerals, phosphorous and potassium which are important in the body. It also increases the hemoglobin of the body that is the reason many doctors advise it in the diet. It comes in a wide array, but the best one is Cavendish banana. It is very tasty and love by all which makes it exported all over the world due to its high demand. It provides high nutritional value to the body.

Bananas are very susceptible to diseases as the plants are clones of each other. It is reproduced by cultivating banana corns because they do not produce seeds thus the Cavendish bananas are identical throughout the globe. It also results in diseases, when any disease attacks the cultivator it will potentially impact on every plant in the world wiping it in a short interval.

These bananas are widely grown in Africa, Latin America, and southern parts of Asia. The bulk of these bananas found on shelves of western supermarket. These bananas are ubiquitous and present year around at reasonable prices in fresh form.

These bananas are originated in southern East Asia especially in Vietnam. It started cultivating in 1950’s. Cavendish story is a fascinating glimpse in the world for…

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