Easy to use Mobile Application for Mass Consumers – The Mantra of Apps World

When we talk about developing applications for mobile phones, we refer to a process of creating software and applications of low powered electronic devices such as mobile phone and tablets. App development requires huge amount of creative skill and technical knowledge. In order to make their apps popular developers need to provide the consumers with easy to use applications which can perform complex tasks.

With the rate at which this industry is progressing, we can safely say that the consumers have definitely been satisfied. ‘Linux’, ‘Java’ or ‘.Net’ among various others are few of the popular programming frameworks for mobile app development. Some applications are pre-installed during the time of production.

But depending upon the user’s needs apps can be also installed later from the appropriate App Stores. Different devices use different platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian OS, BlackBerry, Bada, etc. So applications written for a particular system has to be specifically compiled for it. For windows apps the main language use are C, C++, C# and visual basic where as all Symbian applications are mainly coded in C++. Java is the language used to code Blackberry apps and for Android applications developers mainly use C and C++.

Latest Trends in Application Development Industry:

Mobile phones are replacing almost every other gadget that was popular in the 20th century. Already your phone can serve the purpose of a camera, map, torch, weather detector, music players and various other things. With the introduction of social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp in mobile phones you can stay connected with the world where ever you are.

Nowadays getting lost is almost impossible with high precision applications like ‘Google Maps’ and using the GPS (global positioning system) on your phone. Information sharing which is a very important part of our daily lives has been made much easier with applications like ‘Dropbox’, ‘WebEx’ and ‘Google…

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