Easy Tips for Gesture Command

Windows 8 comes with many new features, one such feature is that of gesture commands. Although a lot has been said about it but still you need to learn few essential tips to utilize this command. Knowing how to use Gesture Command will go a long way. Let us get familiar with the gesture command to make the most of it.

Revealing Windows 8 charms

Pull out the Charms menu by sliding it from right side. This will enable you in performing search, change and share functions. Additionally the inclusion of Start button will help you quickly switch back to the home screen. If you are working with a keyboard then Windows+C to reveal charms bar. If you are using a mouse then, move the pointer to either bottom or top right of the screen to reveal the menu.

Switching Between Tasks and Sidebar

Sidebar is another option that enables you to view the apps that are already running; this is done by swiping towards the right of the screen. This also helps in quick switch when apps are open on the screen. If you are looking for a specific app from the list of apps then swipe from left and again towards edge.

With a keyboard, Windows + Tab keys to enable switching apps. If you are using a mouse then, go to the mid left edge, click and drag to reveal another app. If you want to view the entire list then move along the corners of the screen, dragging towards the center until the list is revealed.

Using two Apps

It is easy to work with two apps by the snap functionality. This way you can simultaneously work with two apps at the same time. However, remember that it is not possible to adjust the ratio of the apps in the screen. For this reason snap functionality can be used for opening an app either on the right or left of the screen, just tap and drag it. Similarly, you can drag app from a list to reveal it on the screen either the right or left to snap it. 

With mouse drag it to the edge or right click on app> Snap Left or Snap right. The keyboard shortcut is Windows +. (Period key). Now to snap right or left use Windows + Shift +. (Period key).

Swipe to Reveal Options Menu

You can perform quick function with the options menu if you know the exact technique to apply. Swipe across the screen from the bottom to reveal options menu. If you are using a mouse then this can be done by right click in empty screen background to reveal options menu.

Keyboard shortcut involves using the Windows key + Z

Semantic Zoom Functionality

Utilizing the functionality of zoom is relatively…

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