Easy Custom Calendars

Custom Calendars can be done in a jiffy, follow these easy steps and remember to pick the right printer and expect to get good calendar printing service.

1. Think of your Target market
Carefully pick out the people you want to see using the calendars.  Create a calendar that you believe that target market will need and like and accord everything from the design to the calendar type to your future user’s preference.

2. Choose your type of calendar
There are many choices for calendars, some just differ on how printers call them but here are a few types of the common calendars:

• Desk calendars – calendars used on top of their desks usually looks like a placemat

• Wall calendars – divided per month or two months and have pictures for every page, called wall calendars because they are hung on walls.

• Poster calendars – looks very much like a poster, one sheet only and place on the walls too.

• Planner calendars – days are usually divided into boxes or spaces allowing you to write notes per day and still mostly divided per month or per week.

• Note card calendars – small calendars cut depending on your request, a very handy calendar

• Booklet calendars – made into a small book and usually divided per day or month with ample space to write down notes.

• Desktop tent calendars – looks like a tent and divided into months and flipped.  Normally showcases pictures on the other side or squeezed together with the month.

• Fridge magnet calendars – small magnetized calendars, great if you are targeting homeowners, chef or restaurants.

3. Estimate your number of prints
Depending on your budget and your target, you need to estimate your prints.  Try to add a little extra to your estimate.

4. Are you sure you have the right Calendar Year? Double Check.

5. Pick beautiful pictures
Find pictures that are panoramic, majestic, professional or moving.  Remember that what you pick will greatly affect how people will perceive you and your company so choose wisely.

6. Choose your colors
Your colors should be professional and pleasing to the eye.  Pick colors that you think your future user’s will prefer.  Your goal is for them to use your calendars so make sure it looks nice.

7. Papers and boards
For most calendars, you will be using a combination of papers and boards to create your perfect calendar.  Boards will be used if you want it to sturdy and standing like that for the tent calendars.  Try to choose a good type of paper that will…

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