Dying with the Stars:the DUI Phenomenon

Preface: The reason for my making this article is to instill in all Americans the need to see that there is a serious problem that is planning to be re-exposed Thanks to misbehaved celebrities, this would not have been a much-talked about matter. This problem has made an increase of 6.25% in terms of reported fatalities. Thanks to the recently-freed Paris Hilton, DUI or drunk driving would not have been a national issue.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA report for 2005, a person gets injured every 2 minutes in a drunk-driving related incident. Even worse, in every 31 minutes a person gets killed. Not learning from the past year’s mistake, a person now dies from a similar incident in every 29 minutes.

It is not only lives that get affected, even the livelihood of each and every American gets affected as well. Each year, alcohol-related crashes cost some US$51 billion, including auto parts damages. Kansas, which ranked 33rd on drunk-driving deaths, had $3.4 million worth of damages per fatality. However, costs have largely dropped to those who only got injured. Estimated cost per injured in Kansas would be $97,000. A normal family in Kansas would be having difficulty to spend as much as the median family income in the state stands at $43,725.

Not surprisingly, states with large cities make up the most of these cases. California, Texas, and Florida, which altogether comprise the top 3 states in terms of alcohol-related fatalities, took up ¼ of the country’s total in 2005. Most of these fatalities were between ages 20-29 years. 21 percent of all vehicular fatalities that involved children below 14 years old would be alcohol-related .

All in all, close to 1.4 million drivers were arrested in 2005. What alarms the most is that not even one percent of the real number of cases has been reported. In 2005, some 159 million instances of self reports on drunk-driving have recorded.

If there would be anything that would appease the situation, drunk-driving in 2005 was definitely lower to that of 1982. There was a 12 percent drop in alcohol-related car crashes from 25 years ago to what had happened two years ago. However, 2006 was a great year for drunk-driving incidents as the numbers have gone up again.

I just wish that this will serve as an important lesson. In 30 minutes, someone will die because of some drunk-driving concern. I’m hoping I was able to do my part and made people more…

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