Dwight Duncan apologizes for partisan Facebook posts targeting Trump, Tories – Windsor

Dwight Duncan, chairman of the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority, is apologizing on Facebook and removing social media posts after being accused in a Globe and Mail article of making partisan attacks against Donald Trump and federal and provincial Tories.

“A number of my postings clearly violated the letter and spirit of Parliament’s director to Governor-in-Council appointees respecting partisan involvement while serving. Those postings have been or are being deleted today,” wrote Duncan in an apology letter addressed to Amarjeet Sohi, the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. 

“I wish to unreservedly apologize to you, and through you to Parliament. At the time of my appointment I was made aware of the rules and expectations of all of us who have the privilege of serving in these posts.”

Call for resignation

Windsor-West NDP MP Brian Masse questioned how Duncan could move forward in his position now that his online comments have been exposed. 

“It’s extremely serious,” Masse said. “It’s unfortunately gone well beyond one or two issues, but is now more symptomatic of the approach to business.”

The fact everyone now knows Duncan’s partisan bent could colour his relations with governments on both sides of the border, he added. 

Conservative MP for Barrie-Innisfil John Brassard slammed Duncan, saying he has been on social media “gushing over Liberals and attacking anyone who isn’t.”

He called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fire Duncan, citing the importance of Canada’s biggest international trade corridor with the United States. 

Federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi defended Duncan after a barrage of attacks in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

“He has apologized for his comments and I accept his apology,” Sohi said. “He brings considerable amount of experience to this diverse position.”

The provincial PCs called on Duncan to resign from the bridge authority.

“Dwight Duncan should be spending all his time and…

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