DSEI: Meet the military fast attack boat that sails itself

If you have seen a Navy SEAL movie or TV show, then you’ve definitely seen a RIB – Rigid Inflatable Boat – used on “missions” where they rapidly insert from a warship to land and execute a secret, intense mission. Or maybe you’ve seen SEALs charging through the surf on one and then launch an attack on a larger enemy vessel.

But you’ve never seen a boat like this … because this is a global first reveal that went down this week at DSEI, the largest military tech show in the world.  

BAE Systems revealed for the very first time what its new cutting-edge Pacific can do. And this boat has been tearing up the Thames and astounding onlookers – without a single human onboard.

Pacific 950 is a very, very smart boat. It is the result of a collaboration between BAE Systems and unmanned specialists ASV with support from folks like Deep Vision and Chess Dynamics.

Think of it as a sort of robotic – just like how drones fly the skies, this drone boat carves through water.


Configurable in a bunch of different ways, it can be tailored to suit a specific type of mission – and sail itself from start to finish.

This sort of innovative tech could be handy for a range of missions like boarding, raids, providing fire support, insertion of teams and more.

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Take the recent terrible hurricanes that have struck the U.S. … there are also lots of humanitarian applications for this tech in natural disasters, for example. These smart RIBs could sail…

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