Drumroll Uncovered Which Brands Were Most Loved at E3 Using Groundbreaking “Brand Love Score” Technology

E3, the world’s premier event for computer, video, and mobile games and related products took place this week, gathering tens of thousands of the video game industry elite at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Brands showed off groundbreaking new technologies, never-before-seen products and elaborate experiences to attract attention and praise from gamers, all while independent agency Drumroll watched and analyzed brand and game mentions across Twitter via its innovative “Brand Love Score” tool to measure the events and initiatives, live, as it played out. The first “Brand Love Score” was calculated at SXSW 2017.

The proprietary system monitored what people were saying on Twitter about their favorite brands and games. It then looked at the sentiment and impact of every tweet and assigned a value to each message. The values were then aggregated for each brand to produce their individual “Brand Love Score.” The system was built in-house and is based on the same core principles the agency uses in its client work.

At E3 2017, Xbox came in as the most loved brand from the event, ESA Foundation won first place as the most loved brand, and Spider-Man was the winner of the most loved game from across the three-day conference.

Day-to-day, Drumroll creates connections between people and brands that lead to an increased brand affinity, more market share and better customer retention. 

Drumroll Founder and CEO Kirk Drummond said: “Gamers are some of the most passionate and vocal fans in social. If they like something, they’ll let you know. If they don’t, they’ll still let you know. E3 is the perfect event to see which brands are winning fans over and which are leaving something to be desired.”

Included below are some of Drumroll’s most interesting findings on brand love from the duration of the…

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