Drs. Allen Huang and Jeffrey Wang Offer Long-Lasting Dental Implants in Las Vegas, NV Using Modern Imaging Technology

New patients with one or more missing teeth in Las Vegas, NV, can now receive computer-guided dental implant placement from Drs. Allen Huang and Jeffrey Wang, without being referred by another doctor. Drs. Huang and Wang utilize the latest i-CAT® Cone Beam CT technology to capture 3D imagines and create a precise model of each patient’s oral structures. The technology improves the long-term reliability of dental implants.

Drs. Huang and Wang are experienced Diplomates of the American Academy of Periodontology and are co-founders of Significance Dental Specialists. They specialize in providing leading dental implants and periodontal disease treatments with cutting-edge technology. Patients with missing teeth in Las Vegas, NV, are encouraged to learn more about the benefits of computer-guided dental implant placement. Although several treatment options exist for missing teeth, Drs. Huang and Wang recommend implants for most patients because they provide many benefits that other treatments cannot offer. Some of these benefits include superior durability, long-term reliability and jaw bone growth stimulation. When implants are placed with Cone Beam CT imaging technology, long-term treatment success is more likely.

Drs. Huang and Wang use the latest i-CAT® Cone Beam CT technology to create precise models of oral structures and develop strategic plans for accurate dental implant placement. This particular type of imaging technology creates clear 3D images within 10-40 seconds. It also exposes patients to 10 times less radiation than traditional x-rays. In addition to guiding accurate dental implant placement, this advanced technology can also allow Drs. Huang and Wang avoid certain oral structures, including sensitive nerves, during treatment.


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