Driven Shooting Tips: Swinging

The temptation on the driven shooting day could be to ‘poke’ shots in the birds by mounting pointing and shooting swiftly. This rogue and haphazard tactic will usually lead to the birds being ignored behind.


The issues in this are simply because:




• No thought went into what you’re doing. 


• The adrenaline is moving and the impulsiveness within you to hit something overcomes exactly what you have learnt previously.


• Your barrels of the gun will stop ‘on’ the target while you fire ‘at it’, the lead shot will head directly to the bird and then he will fly at a distance unconcerned on your efforts with the lead pattern safely passing behind him.




So then the mount and swing must remain smooth since the trigger is removed to protect yourself from ‘snatching’ at it, and only an even mount will ever make this happen.


Setting it up right then starts in the days before. Attempt to get out and shoot several clays before especially high clays which mimic a driven pheasant during flight. At the outset of the day before the primary drive starts off and you just begin shooting you should consider exactly what it is you are performing.


Once you reach your peg give thought to where birds will come from, driven shooting demands you to ultimately know whereabouts in the sky you’ll ‘pick up’ the bird visually. Next notice that the driven will initially seem blurred or at least partially hidden in the beginning and where it should first clear the trees or appear from across the hillside. Mentally give thought to where you will see the quarry as ‘clearly defined’. Think about where you will put your feet for any bird from your left; from the right and people who might go right overhead. Give thought to your stance and just how you will swing. Take note of the places you presume the kill zone is. Replay the visual pick up; footwork, stance, mount and swing throughout to the bird being shot in your mind again and again.


If you think maybe all this is a little much effort, don’t forget that it takes a lot longer to elucidate a simple action rather than to show it. Why not spend 3 minutes in the spare room or basement daily for a week, just thinking that through, together with a verified unloaded gun why don’t you practice acquiring the motor skills or muscle memory right. Try repeating this at about half speed first. Think about bird coming across the trees, move your feet, mount the gun gently, make sure to…

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