Drive Positive Outcomes with Superior Customer Experience Management: Live Webinar by AudioSolutionz

Every interaction between two organizations, or between a company and a consumer, provides an opportunity for creating an impression that will influence future decisions.

AudioSolutionz, a division of audio conference and corporate education leader ProEdTech, will host the live webinar “Customer Experience Management: The New Imperative For Customer Satisfaction” with process management expert Duke Okes, FASQ, CMQ/OE, on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 1:00 pm ET. This session will help customer service managers learn how to use customer experience (CX) management methods to identify the customer journeys, interactions and expectations their organizations should focus on in order to ensure customer perceptions are positive.

As methods for achieving customer satisfaction have evolved, CX has become today’s standard in B2C markets; however, it has proven equally effective for managing B2B relationships. Every interaction between two organizations or between a company and a consumer, whether human or electronic, provides an opportunity for creating an impression that will influence future decisions. How a supplier of products or services is perceived goes far beyond how well the product or service meets requirements. With CX, organizations can identify key touch points and use them to drive positive outcomes with both their customers and their business partners.

This event by Duke Okes will help companies identify customer journeys, interactions and the organization’s expectations in order to achieve optimum customer satisfaction. Duke will also explain how to prevent customers from wanting to look for alternative suppliers, and how critical CX practices can be adopted to keep them coming back for more.

This session will help site supervisors, HR managers, business owners, purchasing managers and others understand:

  •     The need for real feedback, versus just survey data
  •     Factors that create barriers or success
  •     How to get employees engaged
  •     How customer journeys can be analyzed to identify the greatest opportunities
  •     Why transparency is such a critical component
  •     Why organizations often don’t think about it
  •     Metrics for monitoring progress towards improved net…

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