Dreamland Spices ark, Idukki – Amazing Tourist Attraction


Idukki, located in Kerala has various amazing tourist spots to visit. You can find beautiful hill stations and valleys and most popular tourist attraction of the place is Munnar and Devikulam.


Dreamland spices park


This Park is a remarkable destination. You can enjoy an array of activities like the spice tour, elephant ride, camel ride, horse ride and many more things. Beautiful tea plants are the main attraction of the place. Elephants, camels and horses are given special care, attention and food.


Extra knowledge is given to the tourist


Various guides are available to provide knowledge about the spices and plants available here. These guides inform about the function and characteristics of each plant. Some of the plants are used for medicinal purposes and others are used for flavoring the food. Insulin plant is a plant with medicinal properties, which is also grown here.


Fruit trees


Useful information about the spices is given to the tourists. Coffee, cocoa and other fruit trees come under the category of nutritional plants. Growth of chilies resembles that of capsicum to a large extent.


Tree house


The park also has a couple of tree houses. You can witness the picturesque surroundings from the tree house.


Spices available


You could shop for spices here at very affordable rates. Some of the easily available spices are cardamom, turmeric, garam masala, cinnamon barks, pepper, coffee and many others.


How to reach the Dreamland spices park


You can reach the destination by air, rail or road according to your comfort. If you are traveling by road, you can choose any one of the six national highways passing though the district. If you are selecting National Highway 49, you can travel through Cochin – Madurai – Rameswaram to reach the destination.


You can hire a bus or taxi to avoid inconvenience. You could buy bus tickets at an affordable price from a nearby bus terminal.  Many people also book bus tickets online, which…

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