Dreambox- The Next Generation TV

DreamboxTV is a thing that will change your experience of watching movies. With dreambox you can see high definition picture quality, crystal clear sound, watching and listening music, you can also play your favourite games in it. Basically dreambox is a DVB receiving system that is linux based. It’s a set top box that is based on linux OS.

There are different kinds of dreambox available in the market like Dreambox 500C, Dreambox Dm 500s, Dreambox 800 HD, you can simply buy a dreambox as per your requirement. Dreambox 500 is a smallest DTH set-top box that was released in 2005. It is one of the most people liked and demanding dth that is introduced by dream multimedia company. The good thing is about dreambox 500 is it is open source software so you can simply compile data. But currently company has stop the production of dreambox 500 as there are lots of other company providing such DTH. But if you want to buy that you must make sure that it is a real one.

The company has launched many different kind of dreambox such as S series there are satellite models, C for with cable models, so if you are thinking about to buy a genuine dreambox you can check range of models like DM8000 HD, DM 7000, DM 500 HD, DM 500+, DM 7025 and many more. Some of the models have not available in the market and some products going to be launched in next few days. Every model has its own beauty and features like CPU life, RAM, and other important parts.

Recently company has launched DM 8000 HD it has some great feature that makes it popular. This HD DTH supports ultra quality of MPEG4 video format.  And the other good thing is it is contains USB port by that you can connect hardware. The device will have also a port of Ethernet with that you can simply access the internet without using desktop or laptop. Device will also be able to play your JPEG images, mp3 music too.

Above mentioned features makes the dreambox more powerful product, and the other thing is its open source so you can pair device with related software using that so by that you can see television over the internet. So the dreambox is going to become the next generation tv in few year as it has the great feature and value for money product, so you can do much more than just watching tv.

Now if you want to enjoy all this feature than just buy your dreambox TV. But before you search on the internet for dreambox i would like to suggest one great online store that offers range of dreambox and that is earnwisdom.

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