Draft beer control for hospitality industry

Are you still in a loss? Here’s the best way to maximize your profits. Draft beer control has nowadays become a very important part of bar business. Beer controls are the products designed in order to help the bar operators to maximize their profits. Previously it was very difficult to track the beer poured and due to the carelessly pouring of beer or liquor, there was a huge loss. But now with the help of beer control you can easily make a profit in your business which was a dream few days back.
Maximizes profit

Beer inventory control is a system used in the draught beer industry to check the quality and quantity of beer being poured in. It is one of the ways which helps the retailers to make profits in the market. If you have POS system you can have the benefit of online viewing the establishment’s draft usage.  Through POS management software an owner or an operator can keep a track on every ounce poured and can check through internet whenever they want- anytime, anywhere. If once the owner or the operator gets to know the beer facts they can easily get hold of the employees, if there goes any missing on any sale.

Beer monitoring is done to interface a cellar to monitor its efficiency and its performance. It helps in registering the amount of product dispensed for each shift.

Tracks every ounce

Draft beer monitoring is an effective tool used to weigh and count the amount of beer or liquor in a cellar. It can easily be installed in minutes.

Draft beer flow meter is a small sensor inserted inside the coolers in each beer line to check the amount of beer being dispensed. Flow meter is one of the best ways to  monitor the draft beer products.


Beer tap control makes it more convenient for the bartenders. There are various types of tap like Rear closing faucet, front closing faucet, flow control faucet etc. The most common is rear closing faucet. It is easy to clean and easy to operate. Tap control helps in cutting the cleaning costs. It is a…

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