Dr. Steven Van Scoyoc Offers Minimally Invasive Laser Treatment for Gum Disease in Southern Pines, NC

Dr. Steven Van Scoyoc Treats Gum Disease in Southern Pines, NC, with Gentle Laser Treatment

We can get many of the same results in a much less invasive process.

New patients with bleeding gums and other symptoms associated with gum disease in Southern Pines, NC, are now welcome to receive minimally invasive laser treatment from Dr. Steven Van Scoyoc with or without a referral. Dr. Van Scoyoc offers LANAP®, leading laser gum disease treatment, at his state-of-the-art practice.

Dr. Van Scoyoc is a respected periodontist with expansive experience in gum disease procedures. He encourages patients with bleeding gums and other symptoms commonly associated with gum disease in Southern Pines, NC, to receive treatment at their earliest convenience. If left untreated, gum disease, or periodontal disease, can lead to gum recession, significant oral discomfort and even tooth loss. Research also shows a link between periodontal disease and other physical conditions like stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Van Scoyoc offers minimally invasive laser gum therapy at his practice and encourages patients to experience the benefits of gentle LANAP care over traditional gum disease treatments.

The LANAP protocol is less invasive than traditional gum disease treatments that involve the manual removal of diseased tissue with scalpels and other specialized tools. When traditional dental or periodontal tools are used to remove diseased tissue, healthy tissue is frequently removed along with it. Laser dentistry, on the other hand, is so precise that it is capable of targeting solely diseased gums while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. LANAP is also quick and can be used to treat multiple areas in one visit. Patients who receive traditional osseous surgery frequently have to make multiple appointments if they have more than one site that requires treatment. Always striving to offer the least invasive and most effective care to his patients, Dr. Van Scoyoc recently stated: “What’s great about LANAP is that we can get many of the same results as traditional gum surgery in a much less invasive process.”

Dr. Van Scoyoc encourages patients with swollen, bleeding gums to receive treatment for gum disease in Southern Pines,…

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