Dr. Shannon Simonelli, Founder of The Luminous Life Maps™ Systems, Awarded 2017 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Dr. Shannon Simonelli, award-winning creator of The Luminous Life Maps™ System, a powerful Creative Arts Therapy experience based in Salt Lake City, Utah,  is the proud recipient of the  2017 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce.

This event is the most acclaimed event organized by the Business Women’s Forum of Salt Lake City. The organization has committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Utah by providing a platform for business development, entrepreneurial counseling, and mentoring opportunities.

“I and my team are honored to be recognized by The SLC Chamber & Women in Business Group as Entrepreneur of the Year,” said Dr. Simonelli “We have been dedicated for several decades to providing embodied empowerment, confidence and freedom to all individuals, especially women. This award highlights our mission of being a pivotal point in the lives of the women and people we guide, and our desire to make a genuine contribution to the fields we work in.”

The Luminous Life Maps™ System is Dr. Simonelli’s innovative Creative Arts Therapy experience. The Luminous Life Maps™ program focuses on providing relief from self-doubt, anxiety, physical and emotional pain, and supports weight loss in as little as 12 weeks. Advocates of her program claim that the system has transformed their lives, and allowed them a freedom they had been unable to attain through any other form of therapy, traditional or otherwise.

About The Luminous Life Maps™ System

The Luminous Life Maps™ System is an integrative dance, imagination, brain shifting and art therapy based personal and professional development program. Dr. Shannon Simonelli guides “travelers” through her system, addressing each individual’s personal challenges. Dr. Simonelli’s work has earned her several awards, including Best in Honolulu, (Psychotherapy) Private Practice, Integrative Art Therapy.  In her 20 years in practice she has helped hundreds of people feel better in their daily lives and transform what they believe is possible for their future.

For media inquiries, contact Lisbeth Spencer at (949) 463-5439 or Liz(at)LuminousLifeMaps(dot)com

Luminous Life Maps™ is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. For more information, please visit http://www.LuminousLifeMaps.com . Connect with…

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