Dr. Parviz Roshan, Dentist in Vancouver, BC, Offers Digital Smile Design for Added Customization of Smile Makeovers

Patients with various smile imperfections can now receive a complete smile makeover from the team at Wall Centre Dental, Drs. Parviz Roshan, Siamak Tehrani, Milton Reskovich and Mona Afrand, who now offer Digital Smile Design services. Those in need of a qualified dentist in Vancouver, BC, to improve their smile can now receive a cosmetic dentistry consultation at Wall Centre Dental. This team uses emotional dentistry technology to show patients what their completed smile makeover will look like before treatment begins.

Dr. Roshan is proud to be a dentist in Vancouver, BC, who offers state-of-the-art Digital Smile Design by Christian Coachman. He received in-person training from Dr. Christian Coachman and uses digital technology to redesign and improve smiles. Applying this training, before developing a treatment plan Dr. Roshan studies how the facial features interact when speaking and eating while also considering how they change with emotion. Patients who are interested in receiving a smile makeover are encouraged to find out more about the leading technology utilized by Dr. Roshan at Wall Centre Dental. Using an effective digital model method, patients can see firsthand how their completed smiles will look. Photography and videos are also taken to show patients what to expect when their treatments are complete. This is done without actually changing the patients’ teeth. Once patients see how their smiles will be redesigned and how they will look at the end of the process, they are given an opportunity to decide whether or not to continue with treatment.

Wall Centre Dental offers a variety of smile makeover services. These include dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics and more. In order to determine what services to provide, Drs. Roshan, Tehrani, Reskovich and Afrand meet with each patient individually and perform a thorough examination. Depending on the patient’s treatment goals and current dental condition, a single treatment or several treatments may be recommended to achieve each patient’s ideal smile.

Those with smile imperfections are encouraged to find out more about the smile makeover services offered at Wall Centre Dental. To schedule an appointment with a skilled dentist in Vancouver, BC, individuals are…

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