Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal Welcomes Patients with Gum Disease in Cincinnati, OH for Leading Laser Dentistry Solutions

Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal, Trusted Dentist, Offers Laser Gum Disease Treatment in Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal currently accepts new patients with gum disease in Cincinnati, OH for leading-edge care, whether or not they have a referral. Dr. Kejriwal offers state-of-the-art treatment through the latest advances in laser dentistry. Using the BIOLASE WaterLase® iPlus™ laser, she targets bacteria and damaged tissue without affecting the surrounding tissue. This technology virtually eliminates the pain and discomfort caused by invasive needles and scalpels, as well as minimizes recovery time.

The goal of proper oral hygiene is to keep the teeth clean and infection and cavity free, but many may not realize that much of the damage caused by bacteria takes place below the gum line, where it is all but invisible. The buildup around the base of teeth extends below to the sensitive soft tissues around the roots, and as this plaque hardens, it irritates the gums and leads to infection. A person may not notice that this is happening until the redness and pain have spread and begun to cause real damage. If an individual seeks dental intervention in the early stage of the disease, known as gingivitis, oral surgery may not be necessary. However, those with moderate to severe gum disease in Cincinnati, OH, may need to have a qualified dentist treat infected tissues around the roots of teeth before healing can begin.

While traditional treatments often require a dentist to cut the gums and pull them away from the roots in order to access the affected area, Dr. Kejriwal has adopted modern laser gum surgery so her patients do not have to endure the trauma that incisions and sutures cause to the surrounding healthy tissues. The BIOLASE WaterLase®…

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