Dr. Angela Cotey, Dentist in Mt. Horeb, WI, Renovates Practice, Offers More Patients Leading Dentistry at Village Smile Care

Dr. Angela Cotey, Dentist in Mt. Horeb, WI, Renovates Practice

Dr. Angela Cotey and her team at Village Smile Care are pleased to be able to offer emergency dental care, orthodontics and other services to more patients, thanks to the addition of a new cutting-edge patient room to their practice. Dr. Cotey is a compassionate dentist in Mt. Horeb, WI, who utilizes the latest technology to improve the accuracy of treatment and provide comfortable experiences for her patients.

Village Smile Care is proud to be able to accommodate more patients for leading dental care in their recently expanded practice. They offer many different treatments to improve the oral health, appearance and function of teeth and gums, including orthodontics, gum recession treatment, general hygiene cleanings, dental implants and emergency dental care. Their new operatory (patient room) is equipped with leading technology, including the latest intraoral X-ray technology by Nomad. This advanced oral X-ray machine is handheld, which improves convenience and makes it easier for the Village Smile Care team to take quick, high-quality patient X-rays. The lightweight X-ray system reduces the number of necessary retakes by up to 50 percent, thanks to its high degree of accuracy. The system is designed to be twice as fast as conventional X-ray systems, which reduces the total amount of time patients need to spend in the dental chair.

As a respected dentist in Mt. Horeb, WI, Dr. Cotey is proud to use this cutting-edge technology in her practice. She and her team take a personalized, patient-centric approach to oral care. Individuals who need dental implants, cavity treatments or other dental services are encouraged to visit Village Smile Care and discover how convenient it is to receive dental X-rays with the handheld Nomad intraoral X-ray system.

Patients in need of emergency dental care, comfortable oral cleanings or other dental services are invited to visit Village Smile Care and meet with Dr. Cotey, accomplished dentist in Mt. Horeb, WI. Appointments with the Dr. Cotey can be arranged by calling Village Smile Care during regular business hours at 608-433-2102 or by visiting http://www.villagesmilecare.com.

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