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Flash floods down south this morning and that possible tornado destroying buildings and cars in Maryland. ABC’s Stephanie Ramos is on the scene in Salisbury for us, good morning, Stephanie. Reporter: Robin, good morning. The intense winds caused a path of destruction here in Salisbury blasting a hole through this building here leaving cinder blocks and debris scattered on the ground and the storms aren’t over yet. Lightni lightning, fires and floods. Ooh, ooh. Reporter: In Maryland, a possible tornado touching down. It sounded like bulls running across the roof. Reporter: The violent winds sending vehicles flying. Damaging homes and crumbling buildings. Security footage even showing one car flipping across a parking lot. Plus, a large storm system triggering emergency flash flood warnings in Houston this morning, torrential downpours dumping up to 6 inches of rain. The water just like submerged our car. Reporter: A similar scene in San Antonio. Up to a half foot of rain falling fast. Rescue crews saving drivers trapped in rising floodwaters. It’s just about going over the hood. Reporter: It sparked numerous house fires throughout Texas. Pretty much the whole attic looked like it was on fire. Reporter: As we see new video from the moment that ef-2 touched down. It was just plaque and everybody exploded. Reporter: The family said they didn’t have time to escape the powerful twister. They yelled get away from the qui window and next thing we’re underneath the debris. Reporter: Thankfully no one seriously injured in Salisbury but the mayor tells me it’ll take some time for families and businesses to recover from the damage. Robin. Thinking of everybody there, Stephanie, thank you. Now to ginger with more. Millions on alert? And more than a dozen water rescues already performed this morning in Houston. You can see some of the images coming out. New numbers indicate more than 8 inches of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours, 6 of it came in just 6 hours from about midnight till 6:00 A.M. This is all from a stationary front and it’s still going. The flash flood warnings still in place here Houston, Mississippi back through Arkansas, that front doesn’t move a lot, it bubbles around and you will see more rain, Birmingham back through central Mississippi, even central Georgia including Atlanta, a lot of rain today. George. Okay, ginger, thanks. The latest on president

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