Dos and Don’ts When Recovering From Hairline Fracture

Only those who have experienced fracture will know the immense pain when the fracture first occurred. The immediate onset of pain followed by several limitations that will cause us to alter our activities to accommodate to the inconvenience caused. After everything is over, it’s time to start the recovery process. Recovery from a hairline fracture is a spontaneous process that does not require any external energy to kick start it. However, there are some Dos and Don’ts which should be observed to expedite the healing process and prevent reoccurrence.

Partake high energy food

Although healing is a spontaneous process, prompt and fast healing will require extra energy input. The daily caloric intake needs to be increased to promote healing. Metabolic demands of the body increases drastically. An adult will require around 2500 calories daily while a patient suffering from fracture will need about 6000 calories! So start eating more food that is packed with energy.

Increase protein intake

Our bone is like a rigid sponge that is filled with a protein matrix embedded with calcium reinforcements. Half of the bone is made up of protein and protein is the building block of our body. During a fracture, the structure is compromised and the body will start to synthesis a new protein matrix. As a result, it will require tremendous amount of protein. An increase in protein intake will also result in an increase of growth factors such as insulin that will increase muscle strength and promote bone renewal. If protein levels are insufficient, the healing process will be compromised and delayed.

Increase antioxidants intake

Antioxidants are great against free radicals such as oxygen. During a bone fracture, the damaged tissues generate a huge amount of free radicals that will attack the collagen in the body. These free radicals will cause inflammation and lead to an even further damage on the collagen structure. Antioxidants will neutralise these free radicals and promote…

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