Dos And Don’ts Of Window Cleaning

Many people prefer to clean the windows of their homes on their own. They enjoy the task and treat it like a form of exercise. Though there are many companies offering window cleaning Christchurch residents say, some people prefer to do it on their own. If you live in a high rise, then cleaning windows on your own is out of question. However if you live in a single story house you can still manage to do it with the help of proper tools and you might even end up doing a better job than window cleaners Christchurch experts believe.

Proper tools include squeegees, detergents, paper towels, Lint free cloth etc. If you do not use proper tools it would take you a long time to finish the job and the end result also might disappoint you. Always use clean equipment because dirty equipment and cloth might leave more dirt behind rather than cleaning it. Keep rinsing the stuff in between if you are cleaning many windows at the same time. Do not wash the windows in direct sunlight, as the heat from the sun will heat up the glass causing streaking of the windows. Position the squeegee properly on the glass to remove excess water and wipe its rubber blade with lint free clothe after each stroke to avoid blade marks on the glass. Use downwards strokes to remove the water from top to bottom of the glass. Use a lot of water to clean the outside of the windows, as it would be dirtier than the insides. When you use a squeegee to remove the water from the glass, the water will flow to the edges, wipe the edges with a dry clothe which will soak up the excess water. Use eco friendly products to help cleaning Christchurch environment and if it seems too much to do it on your own you can always hire window cleaners Christchurch citizens recommend.

When you are cleaning inside of the windows use a spray and wipe it with a cloth. Water and bucket are too cumbersome to be used for inside cleaning jobs. Also different types of windows would require different cleaning methods. Glass windows…

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