Dos and Don’ts in a Job Interview

Thumbs up, you got a job interview call!! But phooey, you are tensed. And the reason entails the fact that either the two party interactions bag you winning ticket to your dream job or knock off your chances of further follow up. 


The job interview trivia is pretty analogous to dating process. You fiddle through countless prospects in looking for a suitable fit. The process is many a time cumbersome, hectic and nerve wracking task including readiness, preparation and incessant practice. You fool around thinking about all the possible prospects with fingers crossed hoping for favorable outcome even if its chances are slim to none! 


Definitely, being a first timer desperado, you make sure that you leave no stone unturned in carving a niche for yourself but the golden rule is being your true self and staying honest as the very essence of an interview entails engagement and healthy interaction. It is meant to provide an equal footing to both the parties: interviewee and the recruiter to feel each other out. 


Thus, an intense engagement, attention is well worth the effort if you don’t wish to be left out with the slightest hint of regret. Unlike a skidding date, an awful interview could instantly eliminate your chances of a most sought after follow up and seriously hamper your progress at worst.


Below is a list of do’s and don’ts that should be taken care of while confronting a job interview. 


List of Do’s


1. Listen carefully

You are required to be attentive during conversation. However, an important point of mention includes one should not mingle between hearing and listening. While the hearing action could be applied to music; listening forges hearing, comprehending, analyzing, retention and production.


In addition, plan your reaction timing aptly as that might project you as outspoken and nonchalant individual.


2. Deliver facts

Always focus to sustain your composure and confidence during the course of an interview. Try not to fidget or giving abrupt responses. Interviews are scheduled for a very short notice, thus a word of caution would be to share facts that could be provided with proof that could be produced later on and that too, only when you are asked for. Furthermore, shared details should be relevant and congruent to the applied post. Do not state crap and unbecoming info to your recruiter.


3. Skill set

Portray yourself as an enthusiastic, goal oriented, confident and motivated individual. Tell him about…

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