Donates 2% of October Turnover to Cuba

flexword Translators & Consultants we followed the path of Hurricane Irma with deep concern and sympathy, especially since our US headquarters are in Jacksonville. The entire team has been touched by the plight of people in its path, particularly in the Caribbean. This prompted the management at flexword, an international language service provider, to pledge a donation. Two percent of its October turnover will go to Cuban hurricane victims.

As Irma was approaching the Florida Keys and coast, the site in Jacksonville, Florida, prepared for the natural disaster and its possible impact. The site was evacuated, and staff sheltered in safe places to wait out the storm and its aftermath. The thorough preparations made by flexword, coupled with the extraordinary commitment shown by the staff, enabled flexword USA to provide a continuous service throughout. The scale of devastation left by the hurricane is gradually becoming clear. This category 4 to 5 hurricane, with winds of up to 250 kilometres an hour and waves many metres high, left a trail of destruction across a whole swathe of the Caribbean and Gulf Coast.

On Sunday 10 September 2017, the full force of Hurricane Irma hit the north-east coast of Cuba, with devastating consequences for this Caribbean island and its inhabitants. Initially, there was great media interest in the hurricane. The damage in the eastern Caribbean, and possible route the storm would take towards Florida, were discussed at great length. Yet few details were reported of the scale of destruction in Cuba. Cuba’s east coast had already been hit by Hurricane Matthew the previous year, meaning many people are now seeing their lives in ruins for the second time in as many years. Goranka Mis-Cak, flexword’s founder and Managing Director, explains how her team reacted: “Now that the public are beginning to lose interest in this issue, and the initial appeals for donations are fading from our minds, we feel it’s important to draw attention to the fate of people in the most disadvantaged parts of the Caribbean. All of flexword watched developments in Cuba carefully, and empathised with our colleague from Cuba whose family was directly affected by the fallout from the hurricane. Our team came up with the idea of a corporate donation: a proportion of our October turnover will go to…

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