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Domino’s pizza is one of the UK’s most popular takeaways and now pizza-loving fans have a way to reclaim £15 from any Domino’s order.

Money-saving site Quidco is paying customers £15 cashback from their fast food order. All you have to do is order a delicious pizza by 20 August.

You must also be a new member to the site, but it is totally free to join. To reclaim the money off you need to join Quidco, who will then direct you to the Domino’s website – where you can order. 

You’ll then also receive your welcome bonus of £15; this will be added to your Quidco account by the 27th August- just in time for some bank holiday fun!

After ordering you’ll see a percentage of your order value track into your new Quidco account – this is the cashback from the retailer.

This offer even works in conjunction with Two for Tuesdays, so you can get a free pizza and £15. Click here for Quidco’s offer

The news comes as Domino’s launches the all-new voice ordering through Amazon’s Alexa to help make ordering your favourite pizza easier and quicker than ever.

Pizza-loving customers can order their favourite pizza without picking up the phone – and the new development supports GPS delivery tracking so you always know exactly how far away your pizza is.

Alexa can tell those who cannot wait to know how far away their freshly handmade delivery is exactly where it is, right down to the minute.


If you are too engrossed in a boxset or the football to divert your eyes from the screen, you can simply call for Alexa, who will take care of your order. Example commands include:

“Alexa, ask Domino’s to feed me”

When hunger hits, our super fans can now just ask to be fed. Nicely, of course. Sit back and relax – your delivery is on the way.

“Alexa, ask Domino’s to track my order”

All you can think about is your Mighty Meaty? This will tell you if your order has been placed, if it’s in the oven, if it’s in quality control, if it’s out for delivery or if it’s ready for collection. We’ve got it covered.

“Alexa, ask Domino’s where my pizza is”

You know your delivery is en route but long will it take? At GPS trial stores, we can now tell you exactly how far away your order is. E.g. “Your food is two minutes away.” 

Tony Holdway, Sales & Marketing Director at Domino’s commented: “We’re delighted to be the first pizza company in the UK to have its own Alexa Skill, which lets people order their favourite freshly handmade Domino’s without…

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