Domestic violence tackled in new book ‘Killing Us … His Way’

Korrinne Marshall and Arthur Artemis share a compelling story based on true events of two people destined to meet as they embark on a healing journey together to confront the shadow cast by domestic violence in “Killing Us … His Way: Through the Sinister Web of Domestic Abuse” (published by Balboa Press AU).

As described by the authors, the book explores the shadow of abuse through the lens of several characters at varying ages, at different times and from a range of family backgrounds. It tells their stories by snapshots, as their lives are changed through experiencing the domino effects of abuse. The main character, Korrinne’s communication with her angels provides the key to survival for her and her family. She shares her dark journey with Arthur, whose sister paid the ultimate price for living within the cycle of abuse. Together, they confront the shadow cast by domestic violence to embark on a healing journey to share with others.

“Abuse can happen to anyone at anytime. Greater realization is occurring as traditional safe havens of family, church, schools, community groups are being accessed by perpetrators of abuse. There has been a growing understanding that the abuse is a crime that needs to be exposed and the victims fully supported,” says the authors on the relevance of their book in today’s society.

With the book’s story, the authors hope that readers will take away the awareness that domestic violence is a crime and needs to be acknowledged by all in the society to make a change through greater awareness and education. In addition, a consideration of the existence of divine connection to inner guidance and being able to survive and heal through the sustaining of communication with their higher selves and angels.

“Killing Us … His Way: Through the Sinister Web of Domestic Abuse”

By Korrinne Marshall and Arthur Artemis

Softcover | 6x9in | 342 pages | ISBN 9781504306270

E-Book | 342 pages | ISBN 9781504306287

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Korrinne Marshall has worked in education as a teacher and leader for 30 years. She is a mother of three humans and several fur babies, and has a passion for lifelong learning and spiritual growth.

Arthur Artemis is a businessman who bravely faced…

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