Does wine make you a better artist? – Orange County Register

LAGUNA BEACH Oil painter Tom Swimm’s LightScapes are collected throughout the world and his work is exhibited in galleries in Laguna Beach, Carmel, Hawaii, Florida and Colorado.

Swimm, who has exhibited at the Festival of Arts for 30 years, is known for his exceptional use of light and color. Many who view his artwork, at first glance, think they are looking at a photograph.

“Light is the most important aspect of my work and offers the ultimate challenge and reward. To capture its elusive qualities on canvas offers deep personal satisfaction – it’s what I thrive on artistically,” he said.

On Saturday, July 29, the San Clemente artist, hosted his fourth Wine and Painting workshop of the festival season. He demonstrated techniques by painting one of his favorite subjects – a boat with colorful water reflections.  Wine was a fun addition to inspire creativity. The next class is Saturday, Aug. 12.

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