Does a Relation between Weather and Moods Exist?

Did you know that psychologically, weather can have a strong influence on your mood? But scientifically no research or tests have been conclusive if weather really affects one’s mood. Then there is that human tendency to put the blame on the bad weather for a bad mood.

The Human Factor

Experiencing gales and torrential rain in the middle of winter months is typical of the London weather. The sun sets early at 4 pm. And yet, winter in London sees an increase in activities like fairs and festivals especially around Christmas, ice-skating, several music concerts and theatre acts, shopping deals and so on. What does this tell us about people’s moods? Maybe some people will involve themselves in celebrations and activities irrespective of the season. It’s plausible that personal character, lifestyle, habits, exercise, overall health, genetic factors and choices overrule what weather has to dictate.

Researchers also found out people getting affected gravely by change in weather may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – the pun being unintended. Symptoms generally seen in people can be hyperactivity during summers while depression during winters. This can be caused by decrease in sunlight which can be justified given the lack of essential vitamins that are gained from exposure to sun. Artificial sunlight might just work in such cases.

Possible Weather Influences on Mood

Different people may be affected differently by the same weather conditions. Contrast also plays a role. When even an hour of sunshine breaks the routine of heavy rains, it acts as a mood-lifter for many people. Some people embrace such change while few may still detest the unpredictability.

• No effect: For some people the sun and the rain do not decide the mood of the people

• Sunshine Love: The sun, less rain and high temperatures are likely to improve the mood

• Hot Hatred: This category of people love the rain, lower temperatures and less sun

• Messy Rains:…

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