Does a Good Hair Dryer Matter? 10 Best Hair Dryers

Does a good hair dryer really matter? That is the million bucks question, isn’t it, girls? Hair dryers are the best instant styling tools in a woman’s wardrobe. They make your mornings go a smoothly and a lot quicker. They seem like a necessity these days. There are a number of hair dryers available in the market with different designs, various brands, various functionalities, different price tags, some of the dryers can give you exactly what you desire for, while others are not the best! Most hair dryers claim to have a number of functions which may seem pleasing to you but there’s a hell lot of differences between them and a professional hair dryer. Do not get tricked into buying them, take the following into account before buying a hair dryer:


Does your hair dryer feel very heavy?


The weight of the hair dryer is usually mentioned on the box so you can check it before purchasing. Make sure you pick it up and decide whether or not you can take the weight for however long you take to blow dry your hair. Most people ignore this aspect and when it gets really heavy, it can tire your arms even before you’re done drying and that can be tough.


What’s your hair type?


Always consider your hair type when buying a hair dryer. People having naturally curly hair would want to make their hair frizz- free and they would need a hair dryer with diffusers attachments. Ensure you get all the important attachments with your hair dryer. An ionic hair dryer are strong and powerful and dries quickly reducing damage. Thus, they would be perfect for achieving a frizz- free and sleek look.


Wattage is important


Hair dryers come with different wattage. This information is listed under the features of the dryer. The optimum wattage should be between 1500 and 1875. A higher wattage equals a more powerful heat and air flow. Make sure you get done with your drying quickly. There’s nothing more annoying than wasting your priceless mornings by drying your hair using a weak…

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