Document Control for Busy Entrepreneurs

As any busy self-starter knows, there are a number of useful tools that make day to day life easier to manage. From scheduling apps to online calendars, invoicing tools and many others, these tools are designed to simplify your life, leaving you free to focus on all the other things on your to do list. Document control software is one such tool that has become a popular option for businesses of all sizes and industries. Similar to cloud hosting, this software allows you to manage your documents electronically through a central dashboard.

If you have also been keen to reduce your corporate carbon footprint, you may also be interested to know that document control tools have played a large role in the movement towards the paperless office too.

How does this tool work exactly, and why should you be thinking about document control software as a time conscious businesswoman?

5 Reasons to Manage Your Documents Electronically

Think for a moment about your computer folders or external drive, and even your desk. Chances are good that you have any number of documents flooding up both. You may have numerous versions of an important contract that has been updated, new procedures that need to be revised, client proposals awaiting your approval, memos, work documents and many other bits and pieces. Document control enables you to manage each one of those documents electronically, while also adding a few extra perks.

Some of the reasons that this tool may just become your new best friend include the following:

  1. Saves you time – everything you need is right there, with a search tool that helps you find the document you need quickly and simply.
  2. Saves you money – this tool is also very cost-effective, as you do will not need to print out every document you need to review.
  3. More security – user permissions can be set according to creation, editing, approval and deleting of every document within your business, making it far safer and more confidential.
  4. Easy access – each…

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