Doctors Go to Washington to Fight Cuts to Ohio’s Healthcare

Dr. Peter DeGolia of DOHCS urges Ohio senator Portman to save ACA and Medicaid Expansion

This is why twelve Cleveland doctors went to Washington to tell senator Portman they fear for their patients’ lives.

Who’s driving to Washington D.C. to try to save your healthcare? If you live in Ohio, it could be your doctor.


Since May, twelve practicing physicians from Doctors for Health Care Solutions, a Cleveland-based patient advocacy organization, have gone to Washington D.C..

They took time off from their practices to urge Ohio Senator Rob Portman to vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion. Ohio’s other Senator, Sherrod Brown, supports Improving the ACA.

The risks to Ohioans’ healthcare and finances are significant. The ACA and Medicaid expansion cover 714,000 Ohioans including many of Ohio’s children and nursing home residents. Loss of insurance could cost Ohio nearly 2,000 lives each year, including many receiving treatment for opioid addiction. 

Loss of coverage through Obamacare could also increase hospital costs for all Ohioans. Emergency rooms can’t turn away uninsured patients seeking medical care. These unpaid ER costs will be covered by the rest of us when we visit the hospital.  


There is no currently plan to cover patients who lose their coverage under the healthcare bill released by congress. Senator Portman told physicians that federal funds for healthcare need to be diverted toward rebuilding our military and other programs. The U.S. currently spends more on defense than the next eight biggest defense spenders combined. 


A Portman staffer said Medicaid creates incentives for people to not work, but provided no data to back that up.  Another staffer…

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