Do you have the Passion and Commitment? Do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Many of us have aspired or dreamed at some time to start our own business.

An incredibly risky and challenging, becoming an entrepreneur means more than merely fulfilling your passionate dream. It involves long hours of dedicated commitment and a never-ending hope that someone good will happen. It is not easy to predict whether your entrepreneurship will be a success or failure, but with the help of some smart decisions you can be sure that you’re on your way towards victory.

Who is an entrepreneur and what is entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is a person who creates his own business and works for himself. He is not reliant on anyone or any commercial entity for his profits. The profits of his business are entirely his and he does not face any need for interference by anyone. Basically he is the sole person in charge of organising and managing the business set-up. This entire practice is referred to as entrepreneurship. 

Your entrepreneurship can be anything related to your hobbies or an interest which you are passionate about. There are many entrepreneurship ideas available to people as long as you’re passionate about it.

 If travel is your hobby, you might want to consider setting a travel agency/company where you plan other people’s trips. Right from creating your own company name, website and services you are the boss of it all. You decide the wages that you will be paid. Furthermore, if you are interested in social media, you might want to consider setting up a social media agency. All you need is a strong passion and interest.  Your job becomes your life and vice-versa.

Although, it might sound very appealing to be an entrepreneur there are a number of challenges while setting up your business. You might not get your usual monthly pay package that you would get in a corporate setup. You may also be required to work long hours, often interfering in your personal lives. Work schedules are never predictable and emergencies may arise at any time. It…

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