Divorce is not solution of any kind of imbalance

When someone loves you, you make a relationship with him/her. A lovely couple wants to get married and settled in life Sometime we are hurrying to get married and does not have sufficient time to understand each other and other cases are in arrange marriage. Every relationship needs some time but we do not understand each other feelings and wants to break relation. Someone says about marriage that couples are decided in haven we just follow the god rules Its may be right because first love is always lucky and we don’t forget it. So the better idea is marry with first love.

Today’s life divorce problem is a big issue and we can see that in our society the ratio is increase of divorce people from past years. People aren’t trying to understand each other and they feel that the relationship is stressed about them so they wants to break up them and enjoy single life but they realize after some time that relationship are very important in their life and they goes into stress and get disturb from life and try to find a solution. I want to discuss here that some past line I write that relationship are made in haven we are just following the god rules It’s right because of every human have a connection with planets with their own bodies and planets position are effecting the our personal life.

In astrology divorce problem can be solved easily its occur because when we get married, we don’t care about stars and planets position and these factors have affected our married life after that and result is we break our relation Astrology have the power to solve our problem In our body many factors are connected to star and houses A star position of any planet are affected so much our results and daily life. We can see that in our society many people have used astrology help before they start a new work as well as when we are going in a new relation we can take help from an astrologer. Basically divorce has spoiled our life and result is affected on our children so I think we care about our relation and try everything to save our relationship. To save our relationship astrology plays a big role. Also our old tradition are points that astrology a big factor to solve our problem many techniques like Get Lost Love Back, vashikaran are help to sort out problem.. I think maybe you also understand the importance of a relationship and try to save it so doesn’t worry follow some tips according to astrology and you will save your relationship and may enjoy a happier…

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