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You know that the success of your email marketing campaign can be determined equally by what you send as it is by how you send it. Because of this, our EZ Template Editor offers publishers vast capabilities when it comes to customizing their email templates. Changing colors, fonts, layout of the content, social icons, social channels, all can be easily edited with a few clicks.

However, for more advanced editing options, we also offer the Advanced Template Editor (ATE). Switching to this template allows enhanced customization using our FeedBlitz Template Tags and full access to the underlying HTML coding.

What happens when I switch to the Advanced Template Editor?

We recommend getting as much of your styling and social preferences set while working in the EZ Template Editor. This will reduce the amount of code edits you’ll need to make after switching to the Advanced Template Editor. Once you have a majority of the information set, select the orange button towards the upper right corner of your screen which reads “Switch to Advanced Template Editor.” You will then see the following screen:

The Advanced Template Editor mimics the dashboard of many popular content management systems. Below editing buttons, you will see the rich visual text editor with your FeedBlitz Template Tags. Should you prefer to work with HTML, you can do so by selecting the Source button in the upper left corner of the editor.

Pro Tip: We recommend keeping a test list for template edits when working with the ATE. Once you are satisfied with your edits and have tested them on your own email accounts to ensure they render as expected, then copy your changes into your active list.

As with the EZ Template Editor, you can save and access prior drafts and versions of your template, which makes it easy to back-track your changes. If using multiple mailing lists or Autoresponders and you would like for them all to use the same template, simply check the box at the top of the editor…

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