Discover the Different Usage of Rubber Stamps

With advancement of technology, more people are becoming less aware of rubber stamps. They are not the first things that you will notice in the market but if you take a closer look, you’ll be able to discover that these stamps are actually great to use on different occasions. A simple letter to a friend or a thank you letter to your boss will be more beautiful if decorated with stamps.

Here are some of the things upon which you can use stamps for decorating:

• Photo Albums – Pictures hold memories that last for a lifetime. We may not be able to stop time, but we can keep memorable moments in our life by taking pictures. You can use a single stamp design or more in order to embellish your photo album.

• Fabrics – You can also use stamps on decorating a piece of fabric or garment. You may apply stamps as borders of those fabrics or create some beautiful shapes and designs such as flowers, circles and hearts.

• Hard surfaces – You can use stamps on designing different things with a hard surface such as accessory or jewelry box, letter holder, book binders and more. There are different types of inks so make sure to use something that is appropriate for the surfaces that you’re going to design.

• Bedroom Walls – Instead of spending a great amount of paint to decorate your room, why don’t you use the less expensive rubber stamps? You can waste gallons of paint in painting your entire room. But with stamps, you can transform the appearance of your room easier with different patterns in a cheaper way.

Tips and Warnings

• Experiment the stamps on scrap papers before stamping them on your things. This is to make sure that you get the right effects of color that you need. You can use inks but acrylic paint is advisable for use on things with hard surfaces and on the wall.

• Make sure to stamp evenly on a level surface so that the design will come out beautifully.

• Use a small brush or paint pen in applying an ink to your stamps. Apply the paint…

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