Digital Marketing Innovation Summit Returns To San Francisco in September 2017

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The rise of tech like voice assistants and wearables throws up a new plethora of opportunities that brands will be keen to exploit

Today, more than at any point in history, marketers are forced to operate on myriad different platforms. The switch to mobile posed both challenges and opportunities that any good marketer will have become accustomed to, but the rate of technological change means they can never get too comfortable. The rise of tech like voice assistants and wearables throws up a new plethora of opportunities that brands will be keen to exploit.

Marketers have to be smart in how they go about leveraging new technology, though. Earlier this year, Burger King ran a series of television commercials containing the phrase ‘OK Google,’ which triggered any Google Home device within listening distance to then search for the Whopper. The stunt backfired spectacularly over privacy and intrusion issues, and was an apt example of just how careful brands need to be when harnessing new technology for marketing purposes.

Machine learning technologies like chatbots and more developed personalization systems have the potential to revolutionize the way customers interact with brands, and vice versa. The digital experience is becoming an ever more fundamental part of a customer’s relationship with a brand, and getting it right should be at the top of the list for digital teams. If emerging tech can add more value to that experience, companies need to learn how best to deploy it.

This September 11-12, the Innovation Enterprise will play host to the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit. Attendees will be given insight into how some of digital marketing’s sharpest companies engage audiences across devices. Speakers at the event include representatives from Viacom, MetLife, Reebok, Amazon, Bing, Uber,, Pinterest, Visa, Verizon, Diply, and many more. The event will cover all things digital marketing, from engagement on social to using data analytics as part of a marketing strategy.

On top of the insight from digital marketing’s leading voices, the summit will provide opportunities for attendees to meet, discuss the industry and share ideas with other executive-level decision makers….

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