Digital Marketing Expert Evan Weber Launches Complimentary Affiliate Marketing Course to Help Affiliate Marketers Become More Effective

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Expert Evan Weber, CEO and Founder of Affiliate Marketing Agency Experience Advertising, Inc., has released his free affiliate marketing course for affiliate marketers of all types. Evan Weber has been running affiliate programs since 2002 when he was the Marketing Director of an ecommerce startup called After leaving that company in 2007, Weber launched his affiliate management agency Experience Advertising in 2007 to address the need that companies had with regards to effectively managing and growing their affiliate programs. Experience Advertising, Inc., over the past 10 years, has established themselves as the premier affiliate program management agency in the U.S., winning the top ranked affiliate marketing company for the last 7 years running by TopSEO’s rankings of best affiliate companies.

Weber’s new online course called “Affiliate Marketing 101 and Beyond” was put together specifically to be a resources and how-to guide for affiliate marketers looking to enhance their online marketing skills, in order to be more effective affiliate marketers. Weber stated about the course, “I wanted to put together a free online marketing course specifically for affiliate marketers that illuminated a lot of the most important strategies and techniques that will make them ultimately more effective at what they do. There was a gaping void in the industry for this type of course, so I decided to solve that problem by authoring this course and making it totally free. This is the type of course that I wish I had 20 years ago when I was starting out my career in the Internet marketing industry. I have already had some amazing feedback from actual affiliate…

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