Different Types of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is one of those few teas which is not just fragrant and flavorful but it is also easy to make and easy to grow! Many of us love our black tea just to wake us up in the morning. In the same way, have you ever wondered why we prefer Chamomile during the night and evening hours? Well, it is said that this tea calls your frayed nerves and relaxes you after a chaotic day with kids and a hectic day at work! Thus, Chamomile is one of the most unique teas to sip at evening – pleasurable, tasty and relaxing!

Chamomile tea actually falls under the category of herbal tea but there are mainly 2 types of Chamomile or 2 varieties found today . If you walk down the aisle of your supermarket, things will be labeled but if you are buying it from a tea seller, it is still very easily distinguishable because both the German and Roman varieties are very different in appearance!

One of the most famous varieties is the German variety – it is easily recognizable because of its woody fragrance. It is a very fragrant, light and refreshing tea with a hint of fruits like Apple! The best part about this tea is that you can grow it in your backyard! Just grab some seeds and plant it. It grows throughout the year and is low maintenance. You just have to water it regularly, give it enough sunshine and it grows by itself – but it gives you the best results in the form of beautiful Chamomile that you can sip every evening and derive ultimate tea pleasure!

Now, the other variety is the Roman Chamomile. It is known by different names like the English Chamomile and many people actually call it the True Chamomile! It has a similar smell and feel like the Roman variety – woody and fruits (may be  a little more pungent) but unlike the Roman one, this plant requires a lot of care and attention, mainly because it is a creeper!

Whether you have the Roman one or the German one, one thing is for sure – you will enjoy the process of growing this wonderfully flavored tea, right in your…

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