DiBi DiBi Aims to Inspire Dreams and Save Lives


Prostate cancer survivor continues to spread good vibes, happiness, and encouragement to people who want to follow their dreams.

Robert Ginyard, the creator of DiBi DiBi: Dream it. Believe it. Do it. Be it. – a campaign and slogan to encourage people to live out their dreams says “now more than ever, people are searching for happiness by realizing their dreams.” DiBi DiBi is becoming the perfect catch phrase for encouragement, inspiration, and a mind-set for those who dare to dream.

Ginyard attributes his eight week radiation treatment for prostate cancer in 2011 as the inspiration for DiBi DiBi. The first day of his treatment while lying on the radiation table, he made a promise that after his cancer journey was over he would make an earnest effort to pursue many of the dreams he deferred and some he had given up on altogether. However, two years after his treatments, Ginyard was not living up to his promise. But one restless night would change all of that.

Ginyard was awakened by an inner voice that whispered DiBi DiBi in his ear causing him to get out of bed and scribble the message on a notepad at his bedside. As he began to question what it meant, it became clear to him: Dream it. Believe it. Do it. Be it. It was at that point, Ginyard’s purpose became clear— to take the message to all who dared to dream but fell short on making their dreams come true.

The next morning he asked his friend, who is also a graphic artist, to emblazon DiBi DiBi on a shirt that Ginyard could wear to serve as a reminder to follow his dreams. “I began wearing the shirt to the gym and receiving positive comments along with questions about how and where they can purchase one,” Ginyard recalls. However, it was the stories that were shared with him by people from all walks of life that captured his interest and gave him a clue that DiBi DiBi is more than just words on a shirt. There were so many heartwarming stories from people that were on a journey to pursue their dreams, but there were also stories from those who had given up on their dreams and no longer entertained the thought of trying to resurrect them. Ginyard hopes the DiBi DiBi message will continue to convert dream doubters into dream doers.


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