Despite rhetoric, secession isn’t easy — or worth it – Orange County Register

Secession has always held a strangely prominent place in the American imagination, and it probably always will. Restive New Englanders contemplated a break over the War of 1812 during the Hartford Convention. South Carolina champed at the bit for decades, eventually cutting ties along with a Deep South wave opposed to Lincoln’s election and an Upper South unwilling to haul the restive states back in. Before the Civil War, President James Buchanan sent in the Army to prevent a rebellion in Mormon Utah. And now, amid protestations of a “Cold Civil War,” secession talk — on the left and right — is creeping back toward the political mainstream.

Some, particularly restive Democrats, have the luxury of thinking more in terms of de facto departure. With much of federal law still largely on their side, coastal liberals and progressives have found it fairly easy to hive off from flyover country — politically, culturally and economically. Fire-breathing revolutionaries may long for a People’s Republic of Cascadia, but the respectably disgruntled typically feel so sequestered from heartland types that their idea of secession is cutting red-state deadweight loose. It’s the white working class that doesn’t understand its own interests, they sigh, and the creationist rubes who cling to their guns and religion while giving Russian agents a pass on subverting the freedoms they supposedly hold so dear. Red states hypocritically suck up more federal entitlements as a share of tax dollars than blue ones, Democrats gripe. If they’re so hot on protecting their way of life, they should try it without the “handouts” they rely on.

On the right, meanwhile, conservatives and libertarians looking for the exits have to do so under duress. The inexorable growth of an ever-more-meddlesome federal bureaucracy, joined now by the nearly total capitulation of corporate America to identitarian re-education, infuses the secessionist temptation with a nostalgic melancholy…

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