Despite Galaxy Note 8 Release, Galaxy Note 7 Loyalists Maintain Underground Market

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fans are essentially the Kanye West of mobile consumers. Their opinion is: “Galaxy Note 8, I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish, but the Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best smartphones of all time.”

On this day last year, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7, a device intended to be a unique and innovative addition to the smartphone market. Instead, the Galaxy Note 7 release was devastated due to a series of recalls that made the device one Samsung wanted to quickly forget. Flaws in the Note 7 battery caused several devices to spontaneously combust just weeks after its Aug. 19, 2016 market release. The manufacturer scrambled to get the device outfitted with a new battery and back on the market; however, the newer models also began catching fire. The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled a second time and globally discontinued in October 2016.

Even so, relics of one of the most trying times in Samsung’s history still exist and are still being used as intended. In January 2017, an estimated 76,000 people were using Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the U.S alone, according to a CNBC report. Those numbers have dwindled since Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in April 2017, but several enduring fans remain, even as Samsung prepares to announce a new Galaxy Note model at the end of August.

Samsung Galaxy Note: Who’s Buying What?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch has been highly anticipated for several months, with new leaks and rumors surfacing almost daily. So far, the device is shaping up to be similar to the current Galaxy S8 devices, likely featuring an infinity display with an on-screen home button and a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. Reports indicate Samsung was once again forced to delay an on-screen fingerprint scanner, originally intended for the Galaxy S8. This setback may deter several current Galaxy Note 7 users who otherwise would be first in line to purchase the upcoming device.   

“[Samsung] had an opportunity to get the rest of [the Note 7s] off the market with the Note 8, but I think it’s going to be iterative rather than groundbreaking,” Jack Estes, an IT consultant in Indianapolis told International Business Times. “Most of us are going to wait for the Note 9.”

By “most of us,” Estes is referring to fellow members of the Note 7 Alliance, an online forum where fans of the Galaxy Note 7 congregate to develop ways to keep their smartphones up and running. The forum is home to…

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