Designing Your Georgia Custom Commuter Mobile Kitchen and Equipment

The design of your custom commuter mobile kitchen is of extreme importance but having the right equipment is a must too. Ideally, these two things come together once you talk to a mobile kitchen manufacturer about your cart or trailer needs.

If you really want a custom-built mobile kitchen, you will have to talk to the mobile kitchen manufacturer directly. He will show you some samples and you can tell him what you want from there. The mobile kitchen and the equipment go hand-in-hand because once the cart or trailer is built, the equipment is also set-up inside. This is necessary to make sure all the equipment fit the allocated spaces perfectly.

The Importance of the Right Equipment

Many mobile food vendors will focus on customizing the perfect custom concession trailers that they tend to forget hot important getting the right equipment is. You may have a beautiful trailer but if you aren’t armed with the right things to prepare and serve your food product, you’ll be running your business poorly. Not to mention, health inspectors also evaluate the equipment you’ll be using to make sure you don’t violate any health codes.

If you’re still new to the food industry and is not yet a mobile food vendor guru, don’t hesitate to discuss your options with the mobile kitchen manufacturer. The company doesn’t just build your trailers, they offer valuable advice to clients as well.

So, start by telling them what your business is about and the things you need. Be very specific about this so they can point you in the right direction. Ask their expert opinion if you don’t know something, there’s no shame in that.

With their experience in the business, they can actually tell you more information about the requirements of the health department. Compliance of local food safety and health codes are crucial to your business operations. In short, you must pick a mobile kitchen manufacturer that has been in the business for years.

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