Designing Websites to Draw Instant Attention

It is a human characteristic to be judgmental and make stereotypical comments in all kinds of situations. This is prevalent even for the web as it is for other ecosystems. Any viewer of a website is drawn to particular segments of the screen. This can be because of its ability to impact, or its distinctive qualities that has impressed the users. It is important that websites are able to create lasting impression on its viewers. This article discusses some of these aspects.

A professional website design company is able to design websites that instantly grasps the attention from their end users. This article also discusses the importance of giving the website a central focusing point. It also describes how our attention is not limited to the first glance. However, first impressions last for only few seconds, and a proficient designer would make this attribute a valuable asset.

The Zero, One, and Four Second Rules of Concentration

To understand the attention span of the viewers, we need to understand the three prevalent theories, the zero, one, and five second rule. The first, the zero second rules are applicable to the subconscious mental processing when we endure instinctive reactions towards the website. The second rule is applicable to the immediate reaction towards the content that is based after processing the judgment drawn from memory and other factors. Lastly, the five second rule is applicable to the time taken in making a judgment from cementing the various perspectives. These rules are quite simple. They have to make an overall impact on the viewers.

The first rule is quirky and primordial. It is something that humans have no control whatsoever. Drawn from the psychology of flight or fight mechanism, this instinctive reaction is active even when browsing websites. Websites that have cluttered designs have difficulty in gaining the attention. This is because in a cluttered website the users are trying to determine whether to fight through the clutter or to flight with the “back button.” It is important to understand that too much colors and disturbing elements should be avoided when designing any website. Compared to this, the one-second rule draws on the primordial behavior of the viewers. This draws on emotional aspects and psychological aspects that pertain to humor or nostalgic contexts. In the second rule, the users leverage their attention slightly. This is drawn from the trusted feel of the brand. However, it is important to…

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